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the Early Prophecies from
1972 - 1976

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"How Can We Prepare for the Coming Food Shortages and Climate Changes?  Can We Create Buildings that Can Be Safe from Earth Quakes?   What Will Happen to the Atlanta Area?"

Source:  Now it would be well for the many in this time to reverse themselves, or begin anew to learn those arts of canning or preserving, in such manners as do not require the freezing or power to maintain, you see. And there would be well that such foods might be stored in large containers, below the ground, or buried in those places being safe, for those times that come. And in considering that which would or should be grown in these times, would be well that you use the land in such a way as deemed advisable for this time, not considering those changes in climate, for these will come not slowly, but abruptly, destroying all that is growing in that time. So that you would use the climate as exists for the intervening period.

However that there might be the growing of the greatest value of food in the least amount of space, those foods that provide most nourishment singly for the human body, might be considered. Or that is, while you are growing those fruits, those vegetables that seem advisable for the land, there could be taken as well such tubers as Jerusalem artichokes, that known sweet potato and the Irish; for there is great value in that peel and in the boiling thereof, particularly those small potatoes. And those peas, known here as peanuts in this area, for are of such great value dried or that keep well and are well protected from the elements in either state and provide great amounts of sustenance for the body. For the canning and for the taking fresh, for the groups, for the family, in that time, tomatoes contain the greatest concentration of vitamins that may be taken; these only vine ripened, and maintain stability well when canned.

Now that crop that might be best taken between this time and then, for financial resources, would be tomatoes, for we find these in great demand in the times to come. And among those who seek to develop, there will be the greater and greater demand for the Jerusalem artichoke, for its balance in providing much that the human system would need and the ease with which these can be taken, for they can be chewed raw to provide a small meal or small sustenance for those who would carry such things and be in the traveling or the transience from one place to another. And as the people consider more the value to the body in this time, there is greater and greater demand for such foods as come.

Consider these, then in preparing for those changes. And according to those questions as are asked here concerning those changes, that shifting of the poles will come abruptly. And this area will be found in those series of changes or some three slippages of the crust of the earth. As there is the passing close of that red planet, so will the crust of the earth be attracted toward it, as it would be approaching; so then that upper pole or the North Pole will point in the direction of its advance.

Then as comes close or at its point nearest the earth, so then will the pole point directly upward or in that portion, that direction that now exists or near, and in the passing away of its presence from this planet, so then would the poles shift again a third time toward the opposite direction. So that there will be three separate temperature changes in this area, making near to impossible the survival of any animal species or plant, either in this area or upon the most of the surface of this planet.

So there is little that can be done to prepare for survival, other than the using of the smallest space or the concentration of the growing space, growing that which could be grown in concentrated areas or in small gardens; providing each for himself, providing for the greatest number of people in the smallest space.

Question: Will this area have buildings or houses destroyed by the quakes? Can we design them to resist these forces and will this area end up under water? (Area in question is Atlanta, Georgia.)

Source: Now much of this area will be below the sea, as there is the completion of those times of the changes or the falling away. And much will be destroyed in those quakes and particularly those waves; for that great wave, or that great rush of water will come, even over this place where you now sit.   A great wall of water that even could not be described in words from here. Yet might be imagined that the land to the east of this place will fall some several hundred feet. And that wall of water would come rushing across with great force, destroying any and all things in the path. And there is no structure possible that could withstand, save it be a well-constructed pyramid, many hundreds of feet high and well constructed.

Yet for the protection, both within the earthquakes and the floods, on that western portion or west of the city itself, could be prepared buildings on concave foundation or saucer-like foundation, the building itself shaped much in that fanciful drawing that you would see of flying saucers. So that with the slippage of the Earth's surface, so might the building slip or remain intact; yet with no protrusions going from the surface to hold. Or that which is now considered foundation would be absent, building resting on concave surface, so would be as floating upon the surface; yet the concave at the deepest part, going deep, that it may hold it within the earth.

Provisions then would be made for that incoming of power or energy sources, these others that made necessary the tying of the building to the earth. Then that proposal is that these would be freed from the earth’s surface; that which happens to the earth would not affect the movement of the building or would be given the floating effect then upon the surface.

Such may be designed in such a way with that concave surface so smooth and unconnected or unattached, that would not be affected by the movement or the trembling, the shaking of the earth. These would rely, of course, on balance, upon proper design, so that the upper portion would resemble the lower portion, providing a balance of a system that would resemble those systems used on great ships for maintaining the equilibrium or that of the gyroscope.

Now if such design were advanced at this time, or suggested, that one would be ridiculed. Only in those times when such earthquakes would come, a great factor in designing such a building, may a building stabilized by gyroscopic action be considered. One built so saucer-like then, with stability provided by the movement of the gyroscope, would withstand any sort of quake and could be made to float as well. Consider such designs for that time will come when you would be known for advancing such.

Question: What might be the time element concerning these?

Source: Some twenty years would make these considered of great value, for there will be sufficient damage in that time to cause those to consider these quakes as greater factor in the construction of such.

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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