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the Early Prophecies from
1972 - 1976

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"What Do You See for the Future of the United States in the Next 40 Years?"

Source:  That we see for that coming period as mentioned in this time will be judged from those opportunities as given in the break up of Alta. That there were the priests of the humans and humanists and these preached the laws of those ships, of working with and through those from sister worlds, planets, and such, and communication with them, and sought to say then, "See there be higher beings here that are not God, for what then do we need from the one God. We have helpers and assistants that are from other worlds and fly these ships," you see, these expressions of the humanists.

Those faithful to the Law of One then found themselves building the healing temples in the new world that became Egypt then. Those accepting rather that of Beliel brought destruction and altered the face of the earth.

We find then those opportunities coming again. That we will see in the coming forty years can come in two ways. There can be and will be about the earth communities of children of Light, setting themselves so totally apart that they become self-sustaining communities during those periods when there is the fighting for control, and men will bring about those machines as for the control of others and for the control of the weather, and tampering with atmospheric conditions even in this nation and these begin already. For the preservation of the words of God, these will strike out in murder taking lives in the name of God.

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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