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the Early Prophecies from
1972 - 1976

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"When Will the Work of John Peniel Become Recognized in the World and in the United States?"

Source:  Yes, we have those records, witnesses, those gathered here in response to your concerns.

Now, the one of whom it is spoken, he will come, is already on your plane and in the East.  He has already attracted some attention to himself by proclaiming, as a child, that he was and is the return of David, once king of Israel. The son of a teacher, and has spoken of the poetry of the ancients. He  has astounded those who have seen him already with his proclamation of self as a teacher. In that sense, he is already discovered.  He has not attracted attention for some time now, but will again soon.

You’ll hear of his work first in the East, not speaking so much of the work of the Christian, for is a Hebrew of the Hebrews at the time, but will lead the work to the understanding that has been given. For it is said among the prophets, "I will send one for the remnant of Israel.  One sent for those who have not believed that in the latter day they might be brought."

And so he will appear among them as one of their own, but will establish an understanding of the ministry of the Son of God in a new and acceptable manner to those. It is not a new word or new message, but a greater understanding might be brought.

He will come then to this land as a teacher, one having acclaim, and men will marvel at his words. He will be called John. The last name is not, by birth, Peniel, but that name adopted for its meaning, "where I met God face to face." And he will use that name in the ministry and will be known of men not because of his use of the name, but because of his teaching and his work among men.

Will appear at a time of great fear, of great frustration, great confusion, particularly because of the dangers of the politics of those who will have rallied the many, mixing, as it were, politics and religion in this time. For the two come together in this day, even as they were separated in that earlier day, but come together, in the hearts of too many, in confusion.

For even that one you have asked concerning this night who has come from the East, will be found of greater concern in the political arena than the religious. For his work is of gathering forces of power, exerting influence upon the masses, swaying the masses to new politics and a mixture of politics and religion. Will proclaim himself Messiah and a great many will follow. Great confusion will come regarding his works, a great many will be hurt. He, then, will be known at a time that John of Peniel will begin to speak of the force that is the Christ, and clarify the difference, that men may understand that that is the mystical Christ with that that is Christ in the flesh. Then may begin to see and know, then, the manner in which two can become one.

Then he is known already among you. His work will be established. And let those of you who have specific interest, and can be about the search, find. For already in the popular press have been stories of his entry in the earlier time, in your generation, the story of a child who spouting words of ancient wisdom and quoting ancient signs, declaring to his elders that he is the return of David.

Look unto him, for this is the one of whom it was written, "He will come."

July 4, 1976

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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