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the Early Prophecies from
1972 - 1976

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"Was the Man Called Jesus Really So Special?"

Source:  This then would be the answer to that question: There has never been another who, by living his life, ended one dispensation and began anew. This has only been done by the Jesus, the man of Galilee, who became the Christ.

There have been other masters who have expressed the Christ force and thereby brought salvation to their people, brought example to their people, and were great in every sense.   And it is being given from these planes, that we should not encourage that these be separated, thought of as different or one greater than the other, but the all are one.   They all are the manifestation of the one force. It is only that this one brought the new dispensation.

This will occur again in that which has been called the returning of the Christ, the Second Coming of Christ, or the return of the Christ Force. This will come, not through the manifestation of a single man, but from the attuning of the hearts to the Law of One. When the Law of One is expressed, that is, made manifest in the hearts and lives of men, when the will, the soul, the purpose of man is brought to One, the planets will line up one behind the other and express the Christ Force in the world. This will be the Second Coming of the Christ, and the man from Galilee will appear and will be made manifest throughout the world at all times and all places at one time.

This will be the expression of the Law of One. This will be the bringing together, the ceasing of duality between God and man. This will be the ending of the ages, this will be the ending of the Earth as you know it, for this will be a higher manifestation of all that is.

November 19, 1972

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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