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the Early Prophecies from
1972 - 1976

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Descriptions of Some of the Earth Changes

Alterations come then in the structure of the continents, so   your continent (United States) in this time will be split in half down its very center.  The eastern half extending  further into that that is now ocean and rising in the southern and the eastern, tilting as it were.  The north and eastern falling away.

From the depths of the lake in South America will be found a temple rising that will have in its interior remnants of a culture that established the growth of agriculture on this planet, the origin of much of that you use as food.

Those that are now the Hawaiian (islands), only the uppermost part will be of a vast continent, and cities of splendor will arise from them.   The southeastern tip of the continent of  Hawaii will be the highest part. The western portions then tilting toward the east and falling away, falling as if into the center of the self in the slipping. 

Now these are described as physical conditions.

That you see now as human, or limited to human consciousness, will drop the limitations that you call the conscious mind in this time.  (The mind) becoming integrated with all the memory that is and with the Laws of God, so that these souls attuned to the Law of One will be able to apply the whole Law.

Read in wonder of the activities of Ra, Hermes, or the others, who were aware of their relationship with God and able to speak with Him, as it were, conversing with the Father. We would find these abilities common among all because so much of the density of the atmosphere will drop away, you see. And so much less separation between that of the spiritual human and the presence of Spirit or God - far easier the communication, then, of man with God in that time, as the atmosphere is shaken and loses that of the density from the pressing about.

These we find, and would further comment, that it is not so important that you make material provisions, for that you will do during those times.  In those times, there will be hordes of those running about, bands of those banding together in search of food, destroying others about and cannibalism in your streets.

Rather lift the consciousness to the point of being in accordance with Universal Law that you may manipulate and apply those Universal Laws in this day.   These will be set apart into communities unto themselves, worshipping the Light and found in peace. Be among them.

We are through for now.

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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