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the Early Prophecies from
1972 - 1976

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"Is There a Way We can Divert the Predicted Earth Changes?"

Source:  Now understand, it has been given that those things that happen to the Earth, happen, as well, to the microcosm or those lives within the Earth. Then, if those chakras of the Earth be stimulated, how much greater will be the stimulation of those centers of your own body.

Then prepare them... Cleanse them. If these be ready, if these be prepared, then you will come to that singleness of vision, the eye will be opened.  You will see the spirits of those about, or the prophets, those gone before will be illuminated by that Light as it passes and you would speak with them. You will commune with those Masters, for they will be closer in that day.

Now children, if there only be a handful, only a few among you, even who would attune to His power in that moment and accept that ultimate of the Light that would come, you may change that level of existence of all that is in that moment, and bring illumination to that planet.

If we could find a dozen men so given to God, we will change the nature of this race and will avert those catastrophes that have been predicted and that should come. We will change the nature of the governments on this planet, cause these to be further attuned and these would open as in that time, in those early days, when there was the listening to the voice of God. And those governments were set and dependent upon those men listening to God. Those men who became the head, the seat of government, were attuned to the Force, to the voice of God in that day. So it will be in this day, if you give that opportunity, that the voice of God, the nature of God would speak in this time on this plane.

October 23, 1973

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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