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"How Should We Prepare to Serve Others Before and During the Earth Changes?  How Will the Earth Be Repopulated After the Changes?"

Source:  Those changes in the consciousness of this plane have begun. Those changes that will reflect in the physical come in this manner, you are surrounded by those groups of the Shining Ones.  Those coming from the kingdom of the Shining Ones, that prepare this place for the new dimension, for the new manifestation of all that is. And ever in their coming to bring about the changes they have been commanded to produce, there are ever contacts, the attempts to contact, the attempts to find the channels in this plane that would produce Light and bring Light that might be for the guiding of these changes in consciousness.

If you could see from those higher levels, from those planes from which these come, where there are gathered even one or two on the Earth open to the Light, there is produced a glow that would attract the Shining Ones who attempt to be of assistance in preparing that Kingdom, in lifting the plane of all beings to that new level.

And it is sought in the coming together as a group, each of you as a candle, you would increase that Light, holding several candles together as one, until a great Light is formed.  And if you would be aware of the Light and that that it would cause, look about you, for the reflection of God is seen in the smiles, in the radiance, that come from the countenance of those touched by His presence. And would not all in this place, in this city, in all of these environs, be touched by His countenance, His face, His presence, if that presence be in you, be carried, and be reflected in all you do?

How would you be of service? If you would be of service, then find it in this way, that you would cause those about to reflect the attitude, the personality, the faith, the radiance of God. So very simple it would seem. For the manifesting God on this plane is   taking away the tears, the sadness, all that is not of God, or bringing about the reverse, the laughter, the smiles, the happiness, the lifting. So simple in these ways to be of service, yet that greater service is the holding of self together as a Light, maintaining that vibration of the Christ for the time.

Now understand this. There has been spoken among you and written in Holy Bible, when two shall be standing together and suddenly one taken and the other left. There have been spoken those times of the changes, of the plane about you of the physical structure of the Earth. There have been the warnings of the times of hunger and famine and of confusion and the crying out.

Now all these things come. And would it not be for this reason that we have accelerated attempts to find here and there those who would prepare for the changes and for the lifting? And if you would understand how it could be, that one should be suddenly taken and the other left, how would you see it?

Know that as the dimension is prepared and the calling up to the great ship that is the Christ would occur, those who are prepared to step into the dimension then, will leave that of the denser and enter into the lighter plane. It is this you prepare for and the preparations are not of the physical, but of the heart.

For those of the Master will recognize the voice. Those belonging to that ship, will be called to that ship, as it would leave or transverse itself to another plane. You may understand in that sense, the Christ Presence in the re-entering, that it could be described as a great ship that would carry those who have prepared themselves and belong with that vessel, to the new state of being, that will be.

And what of those that shall be left? Understand Universal Law in this manner, that happening to the macrocosm with that happened to the microcosm therein. Or see it in this manner, in the preparation of new Heaven and new Earth, it would be as if this ball of Earth would be flattened and remolded, remade.  That the atmosphere may be cleansed and set anew, for that new cycle, that new growth, that new race, the new preparation of all that is.  That New Order of things as has been spoken of.

Those then of the Earth or tied to the Earth, will be as recycled or remade, re-entered, even as the Earth itself would be reformed, would be crushed then, to begin again as a new seed that will repopulate this plane. And those called away then, to the higher dimensions, will be as those of the Shining Ones are now.

Never has there been a time when man could not learn by seeing that already has occurred on this plane, or learning from those records of history. And if you would know who were those Shining Ones who entered into Egypt, those who were called the Gods in Alta, those who were seen as men from the stars as they entered Lemuria, know that these were those who had been caught up in that rapture of the previous, you see, and were returning in the more perfected form to give assistance to those of the lesser order, or those of the new order, as might be spoken.

And so it will be in this time, that there are ever about you those who, if they were to manifest, would come before you as light forms. This as described in your sacred scriptures as having the appearance of metal, bronze or brass for their shining appearance, as perceived from this dimension.

Now they ever hover about and have guided you together to this place, as with those students on the closer planes who would attempt to learn that you learn. For never would there be a realization in your minds in the physical that would not be revealed to those who ever hover about and are attracted to your Light.

In the moment that there is awakened within you an awareness of Light and a beginning to seek spiritual things, then there are those on the planes of spirit who are attracted to that Light formed within you. And as you learn and experience, they may observe, learn and experience as well.

It is in this manner that you are attracted to a group and to one another, that the Light might come together.  So that those Lights you see, those you see present in this room in the physical in this moment (during this reading), might each have about him two or three or six or more of Lights, of the lesser, the denser levels, you see. Those you may not see, but know this room is filled with those who would learn as you learn from the greater Light, as we descend into this plane through this channel and give motion, that you may hear.

Then learn and share. Be aware ever of the presence of those that surround, and be aware of the coldness produced, the temperature, as it would drop in the presence of so many that would gather. And seek to absorb that of the higher level of vibration. Then take it within the self, and know the responsibility for that you have brought.

Now if you would understand what is expected of you, it is this. That which has been referred as a mystical experience, might be described as an experience that leaves a man changed.  It is expected that you will go out from this place, a new being.  A new being, so totally, that all those who see will wonder and be amazed at that which has occurred within you.

And should this occur within you and be reflected to those about, this shall be the sign given by the Father to you, saying, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over these few things. I will make you the Master over many." And so it will be in that moment that the many lessons that are to be mastered will come, and the difficulties will increase and become the greater, for you are given the greater tools for the handling of these.

Understand the operation of Divine Law in this way and grow accordingly, too. It is meant that you would share the Light together.   Come often, together for the inspiration, for the leaning on one another.  So form a group of Light Beings in this manner, given to the development and understanding of Divine Laws and make this your purpose. And share all that you may know, one with the other. But know in the learning that you become responsible for the application of every joy, every tiddle, all that you would be exposed to, all that would be said. All the Light that comes must be used.

Then become the Light Bearers of this age. Prepare this place. For not so long until you see those occurrences happening, in the south of Europe, the erupting of the mountain there. And the northern environs of Europe, frozen as in a flash. Glacial ice descending so that even the second breath would not be taken. That food in the mouth would be frozen in a flash and not swallowed. Movement will cease in the twinkling of an eye. The crust of the Earth will shift and move. Many there will be caught up in that great ship, in that presence of the Master. Many there will be, who set about the preparing of the new, the giving of the new order of things.

Then prepare that there night be the re-entry of Love on this plane, that might ease the burden of these times and lessen the fear. But have no fear among you, for those who are called in His name, those who recognize His voice, will answer that call and be caught away with Him. And how would you recognize His voice? Those who have heard it daily, and do hear it daily, these will recognize the Voice that has become so familiar. Then give the self to the periods each day, of speaking with that Voice, that would be the calling in that moment in time.

Then be prepared, for He does return and dread not His returning, but ask. Look forward and create that time of the Second Coming. These things are the purpose. Then come together and prepare in these ways. Ever you will be surrounded by a Great Host of Witnesses, and those who have gathered here and agree that we may speak these things, they shall hover ever near and about you, and give guidance to your development. Then give all to one another, coming together in His Name that you might provide that vehicle through which the many might be saved.

Now walk with us as we go to the Father.

March 13, 1974

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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