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the Early Prophecies from
1972 - 1976

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"How Should I Prepare for the Depression and Famine?"

Source: Now understand this, you have already entered the patterns that will result in the shortages of food and the difficult times financially; the depression and such, these are upon you, look for them.

Within the coming five year period the difficulties soon will grow greater and greater, the fluctuations in financial balance will be extreme until the period of complete falling apart of the financial system as it is now structured and new methods will be introduced, that is, new structures especially for credit and the exchange, you see.

Will revert to a great deal of difficulty during that period, then what are and where are the responsibilities? First with the family to be sure, except that never should the family be put in a position of taking something for the self while denying to others. Who is your sister and brother, your daughter, your son? He who has no father or mother is your daughter and son. You will have need of your brother, your sister, in these times. Then protect the family and those loved, those close, but protect them even more by sharing. Understand that he who gives generously during these periods will find the greater reward, than he who keeps to the self. Those who are wise will supply for the self and have to be given to others and share.

Study. Study that vision, that understanding of Joseph when he went into Egypt. Understand that he told the Egyptians to do when he saw seven years of plenty, then seven of famine. What were his instructions to those about? Follow those same patterns, these are the purposes of history, and the karmic cycles and patterns; study that manner, follow that example and you will have that result.

Those who are wise will have a bit of land to provide for the self, a place set apart from others to retire to and provide for the self from the land in that time. Those who are wise will store food away from the cities in a place set apart to the self for the greater times. There is some time yet before the extremes.  When you see the extremes then get yourself away from the cities, the mobs, the crowds. For you will see people fighting in the streets over a scrap of bread and such. A good time to be away from this.   Be in communion with the land and the Father.  Be away from the coastal areas in those times. The times of changes are a bit further off, that is, in the sense of the destruction of the land in the coastal areas, yet build toward that in this time.

Now these are not given to produce panic or fear among you but rather that you simply understand the cycles of nature have ever been so. That with every period of plenty will come a corresponding and following period of famine. These are the cycles of the replenishment of the earth. Study the period of plenty as your land has experienced it and expect the corresponding period of lack, and provide for, not in fear but in rejoicing in living in the rhythm and the cycles of nature and the blessing of the Father upon you. Then be prepared in all ways but make this not the central part of your life or your living, enjoy the living that you have, not looking constantly with apprehension toward the changes that come. Live as if the plenty of today were there for always, frugally enjoying that which is at hand, but not wasteful. And setting aside, putting apart that as will provide for later times, especially storing seeds and that as will produce from the land in containers that will not be subject to radiation and changes of such types, buried containers that are air-tight will be of some assistance to those for the protection of such as may be planted at another time. Set aside especially those items as are easy and quick to reproduce, and especially those as will grow under the ground, for those growing above the ground will have some problems with contamination in the periods of changes. The tubers, the vegetables as will grow underground will supply your greatest portion in that time, not the most healthy in this day, but in that will provide a great deal of sustenance. Approach these things in that manner and will survive and do well.

July 9, 1975

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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