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The Paul Solomon
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the Early Prophecies from
1972 - 1976

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"What warnings can you give in relation to television, radio, movies, newspapers, magazines, etc.?"

Source: We would find these manners of communication on your plane reflecting the nature of thinking on your plane.  That, which has come as disease, is often given through these media into your bodies. We preach not doom, but seek that you would be aware that you have given yourself to the control of others  when receiving this information into self without discretion, especially that which you would find as entertainment.

Now, if you would understand self, see that diet that you would feed to the subconscious mind.   Be aware of that which you would watch, and that with which you would entertain self.  See it as food that you are assimilating for spiritual growth.

Date: 2-23-73

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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