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The Paul Solomon
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the Early Prophecies from
1972 - 1976

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"How Might We Best Serve Those Entities Incarnating During These Periods of Change, and Aid in Their Development?"

Source: Especially by becoming aware that with all of these predictions of dire consequences and changes in the earth, of famine and fear, that there should be hope, trust, faith within you, realizing that all these things are not but a purging of the place that the Master loves, and He would not return did He not so love it. 

All these are expressions of the hand of God, purifying His world, and in this sense may be seen as a beautiful thing.  And if you would understand these changes that come about the earth, the groaning and pain that she experiences, then compare it with the pain and travail of the labor of the mother bringing forth the beauty of a child.

So see the earth, pregnant with the beauty of her Master, and suffering in travail, in labor. But the suffering in itself comes as a thrill to the expectant parents, and so it should be to you in this day who bring children in this aspect of the Earth’s development.  For she enters now into labor that will burst forth into the glory of God as His kingdom is born on this earth.

See it in this manner; so shall ye prepare the children for that they shall see, and experience, and be a part of.


1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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