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"In the Service of God"
(Excerpt from the tape series, "The Great Brotherhood of Light"
By Paul Solomon)

....It is important that we individually open ourselves to a work of service by finding what we can do for and with others who are doing the same. Find others who are doing a building work, a service work of the Christ, and be of service to them. Do whatever you can to build that work and reach the people who need that message. The channel or leader of that group has been presented with a heavy task. That person has accepted the job of building an organization. Others may be criticizing saying, “I would work with you because I want to serve God, but I’m not going to because your ego gets in the way of everything. Someone needs to keep your ego in check.” See how the task of the leader becomes doubly difficult? The purpose of the members of the group is to share in the work. God’s task is to worry about his channels’ egos.

The expression, “Two heads are better than one,” was never more true than in the service of God. There is no other way to be of service to God. Remember what Jesus said, “In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” (Matthew 25:40)  You cannot serve God directly, but you can serve him indirectly by working side by side with those people who are his workers and who are about his work on this earth. God’s work is about teamwork. It is about togetherness.  It is about family. And it is accomplished in groups and through organizations.

The best way to assess a group is by its work, what it accomplishes and what it awakens in people. No one should give blind devotion to any group. Instead, devote yourself to what the group serves. There are many groups who receive mystical influences and reveal them, but your service should always be to the Master of the group rather than the members of the group.

As surely as God can speak to you through your heart, he can also speak to you through another human on this earth. God’s work is always conducted by someone incarnate on this plane, not a master. The masters are never incarnate on this plane. They are on inner planes. He who claims to be a master, whether on this plane or inner planes, is not. The channels, the servants, the workers that channel the masters are on this plane. Not because of what they know, but rather because they have become a receptive vehicle. They are motivated, energetic people. They can get the work done, organizationally, or as a psychic channel, or as a teacher. They have some talent that the inner planes have found useful, and therefore an organization has built up around them. It is the work of a group guided by a Master. It is not the work of one person.

Moving from one group to another as an individual, without being loyal to anyone, is a waste of energy. Remember that you cannot honor God without honoring his channels. There are people whom God has selected and set apart, and their ability has been revealed and proven. If you have seen them at work and can identify the work as that of God, the fact that you are aware of it indicates that it is your direction. It is a calling of God to you to work with them. So find the task that you can best do and be of service. Make sure there is a balance. Do not take what you can draw from that channel or that group without giving in return. Certainly do not take from that group saying, “You’ve got something good. I’ll take it and make  my own thing out of it. Then, I’ll go here and there and teach it my way.”

Always remember the allegiance you have established and give back more than you have received....

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