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"Garden Of Eden Revisited"
(Excerpt from the lecture tape series, “The Sacraments”
By Paul Solomon)

There was a time on this planet when a group of people appeared, and verything they needed to sustain themselves was present. That is the nature of life. If earth had not been capable of sustaining man, man would not have appeared. Man did not have to work to provide for himself. He did not have to struggle to survive. He did not have to organize himself into groups for his own preservation. He did not have to form communities and build fences to protect himself. There was no danger present in nature, in beast, or in disease.

So, what happened?

One day, in this “Eden,” two people reached for the same grape simultaneously. It is that simple. It only took two people to reverse the nature of life on this planet. When those two people reached for that same grape, there occurred in each of them a sudden perception, “My interest is in conflict with yours.”

Now, it was a mis-perception. It was not the truth. My interest does not conflict with yours. There are more grapes. We could not stop grapes from producing even if we tried. Our interests cannot possibly conflict. All I have to do is reach in a different direction... and know that my reaching in a different direction in support of you is in my own interest.

The thought that occurred between those two people, way back at a time when the earth knew no need for defense, meant that suddenly bees grew stingers, roses grew thorns, and cactuses grew spines. In that moment, everything that was manifesting on the globe took up a means of protecting itself.

That was the birth of fear. It is called the Fall of Man. It continues to occur every second of every day around the globe.

Of course, if you believe that it happened because some broad chomped an apple, that’s all right too.

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