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"Entrance to a Mystery School"
(Excerpt from the Opening Address of the 1991 Fellowship Family Gathering By Paul Solomon)

When the fire is lit in the loins, and that fire is devoted to bringing the light from the bottom to the top of the sacred mountain, then that person who has lit that fire, and does not let that fire go out into other pursuits—what other pursuits? ...arguing, gossiping, envy, being depressed, self-pity, wishing for the past, frustration, screwing around, anything that lets that fire go out from the loins to a lower purpose, that includes any negative emotion, any expression of fear—when that container of fire that is the red terrace on the mountain is contained to the caldron, that containment will send it like a volcano up the center pillar to the top of the mountain. If, on the other hand, that does not happen, then that candidate for the mystery school is not going to become enlightened.

Furthermore, even though he sat in a class of a mystery school, he has never entered the portals of the mystery school. It is not a contradiction. The mystery school is within you. God hid it in the place where you are least likely to look. Why are we least likely to look for the mystery school within us? Because it means if you looked for it there, you would have to take responsibility for making that mystery school work.

And you are not going to do that if you can help it. You would rather have a teacher to blame for not getting you there. Wouldn’t you? Let’s put it outside ourselves... "I don’t want responsibility for the fact that I am not going to be enlightened! If I could just find the school hidden in the mountains, the wise illumined one could lift me up where I belong."

Maybe he could, but he will not, because he honors your will. He may wish for you, he may hope for you. He may love you with his whole heart. But he will never drag you by the scruff of the neck up the mountain. He will only show you where it is, if he can. And you will not even hear him, unless you have ears to hear.

Having ears to hear means that there is nothing more important to you than the way. The way is there. The way is in this Fellowship. It is in this simple, practical course of instruction, called Inner Light Consciousness. It is there.

There is no greater mystery school that you will find anywhere. But to get inside the portals of that mystery school, you are going to have to open the door. And the door is within you.

The door is the door of your heart. It is absolute commitment that knows no competition. If anything else competes, in your life, for getting to the top of that mountain and achieving the crown of enlightenment, you will not enter the portals. I cannot open the door for you. I can only point to where it is and hope that you can understand, hope that you will want it so much that nothing could stop you, that even I couldn’t stop you if I tried.

The door to the mystery school could be opened to you—if I were the most false prophet in the world—if you were the most serious seeker in the world.

You would go through me, around me, over me, under me, past me. You would find your way through the portals because the mystery school is open to you if you are not willing to settle for anything less.

If you are willing to settle for less, there are still twelve workshops. Everyone of which is worth its weight in gold, even to those who will never become initiated.

There will never be more than a handful of initiates on this earth at any given time because there are too many distractions. There are too many other things to do. Too many other ambitions. Too many other ways to look when you set your foot on the path. You can always look to the right or the left. Even a glimpse can take you off the path. You could see something that, for a second, you want more. And that is enough to take away the impetus for that next initiation.

There will be some who will get to the top of the mountain, and when they do, they will heal the cleft in the brain that separates it into two halves that argue with each other. And they will build neurons of light above the two hemispheres of the brain that will connect it into one unit, a cap, a crown of enlightenment. And that crown of enlightenment will turn into a pool with radiating light that reaches out into the mind of God. And that person will know, will know with the mind of God, what he needs to know, all he needs to know—all she needs to know, for masters have been women as well. And they may best know the way.

The Fellowship of the Inner Light is a mystery school. It is both exoteric and esoteric. Those who discover the esoteric path will always be few because the tremendous dedication, commitment, sacrifice that is required is beyond even the wildest imagination of the average human. No average human ever gets there. Those people who get there are not average. Never. Those people who get there are not even average when they start the journey. Average humans just do not step on this path.

The path was described by one ancient being as a path that you have to follow knowing that there are fiery serpents around your feet, and their bite can kill. But you must walk through that valley of vipers with your eyes looking up, never daring to look down once at what the dangers are around your feet. You must keep your eyes on Him and walk through death.

Can you do it? Can you walk with your eyes up, never looking down at all that is going on down there—individuals taking pot-shots at each other and at you, all the things that you can find fault with, hate, fear—these are the vipers, the "little foxes" around your feet. Are you going to look down at them and criticize them for being there around your feet, a threat to every step you take? If so, your eyes are on the eyes of hell, and you walk the valley of death. And it will not lift you to the top of the mountain. Finding fault will not get you there. Finding fearsome things and problems, reasons and excuses why you cannot be holy, will not get you there. For you are all prophets, and your prophecies are self-fulfilling. When you say, "This world is a troubled, dark place, getting worse every day," you will find truth in your prophecies. But it will be only your truth.

When your eyes are up there on the prize that is the mark of the high calling, the race that is set before you, as Apostle Paul called it, going for that mark of the prize of the high calling, the crown at the top of the mountain —when your eyes are always looking up, you do not see the dirt, except when you have a broom in your hand to clean it up.

The school is there. It is hidden. It is very hidden. You will have to seek through a maze that is the darkest maze you have ever encountered, the most confusing. And through that darkness of the wilderness at night, you will have to find the angel and wrestle with him, to open the door to the school.

Those who do open the door to the inner school will find that the School of the Prophets already exists. And everything that needs to be taught in that school is already there as well, in place. Except it is placed before you like rubble, like stones, not one standing on another, but lying about in random. It is your task to gather each stone and put it in its place, until you have built a temple, stone by stone, one stone at a time.

Then, you must place in the corner, the keystone that holds it all together—the stone that the builders rejected. Was that the Christ, as so many have said? It was, and is. But more importantly, you must understand who is the Christ. For he whom you are most likely to reject is not Jesus of Nazareth. He is easy to believe in, especially if you grew up in a Christian home. The one who is hard to believe in is yourself. That is the cornerstone that the builders rejected. And it is the one that you are most likely to reject. But if you do not take that cornerstone and put it in the most important place in the temple, you will not erect the temple, the home of the mystery school.

You will have to build the temple yourself, stone upon stone. The instructions are there. The opportunity is there. The commitment has to come from within you. Those who can give you instruction, stand ready. Sometimes, it will be required of them that they tell you more than they themselves know. You need not judge the teacher. God is capable of taking the most babbling of fools and teaching you where to put the next stone. Are you ready to listen?

The student always builds the mystery school. If you are ready to pick up the stones and hew them to the right shape, polish and facet them, and make them perfect, you can erect them on this sacred mountain that will lift you up to the place of initiation. At the apex, you can add the capstone. You can experience initiation, enlightenment, the crown of enlightenment, and direct, experiential knowledge of God. Without doubt, it is available to you, open to you. Only you can open the door.

Paul Solomon Foundation 1994

Paul Solomon
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