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“Why Are We Here”
From a lecture by Paul Solomon

The truth is that we did not come here to make a living. We came here to make a life. “What is your greater life purpose?” That is the initial question for you to ask in understanding your personal prosperity.

If you could accomplish something meaningful on this planet, if you could cause a result that you think is worthwhile and makes a difference, what would it be? Seriously ask yourself that question. “I want to accomplish something worthwhile in my own life and perhaps in the lives of others. I was born with that as my life purpose. How can I best fulfill that goal?”

When you are confident of that answer, ask yourself the second question? “Is my money doing that right now --- is the amount I am spending to accomplish that greater than the amount I am spending to accomplish anything else?” If not, what are the percentages? What proportion of your money supports the accomplishment of what your life should accomplish? What proportion of your money supports entertainment, food, creature comforts, extra items meant to impress people? The percentages will allow you to list in order of importance what you are doing with your life. What are the things in which you invest your life, your time, your energy, your money and your value?

The answer may be revealing,  shocking or intimidating. You may feel guilty, which is inappropriate. The truth is that you should live comfortably. You should live a comfortable, healthy life, feeling prosperous and wealthy, without guilt. Simultaneously, you should be able to know that the bulk of your money is causing results that are meaningful.

Many will think, “Yes, I would like to do something great, something worthwhile. But I can’t afford it. I have to take care of security first. I have to make sure I have some money in the bank, some property, some way to prepare for my old-age. Those things are more important.”

People who look apprehensively toward the future in terms of income, housing, health, economical conditions, world affairs, world war, earth changes, or whatever, are actively creating thoughts of insecurity and fear and will experience the result of what they create.

On the other hand, those who trust that at any given moment, “I am where I feel I ought to be, doing what I feel I ought to be doing, and nothing else matters. The rest will take care of itself,” are actively creating for themselves a secure future. It is not Pollyanna to have faith in life. It is not naive to trust that your life is secure while you are busy doing what you came to this planet to do.

A law of money says, “If you are doing something that should be done, the universe will provide the means to finance it, and you.” Get busy with what is meaningful. Get busy with your reason for being here, and what you need will automatically come to you.

Look at our culture and our planet and find things that ought to be done.

Find things that you believe need to be done to make a positive difference.  Then give your life to doing those things instead of doing things that will make money for you.

You can work for a difference, or you can work for money. If you work for money, it will manipulate you. Just look at almost every aspect of our modern culture for evidence of that, from politics, to merchandising, to Hollywood, to the church. People who are working for money are controlled by money.  People who attempt to accumulate and hoard money interrupt the flow of economic vitality. For the health of our society, a circulation of money through our culture is more important than its accumulation.

If you work for healthy, positive change on the planet rather than money, you will have what you need to survive. If you give your life to something that ought to be done to make a difference, someone is going to support you for it. It is almost impossible to become the champion of a cause without someone becoming enamored and deciding to get behind you because people love heroes.  Instead of your objective being to work for money, make your objective to contribute what you have of value to producing positive change.

There is only one security that is valid and consistent. The only valid security comes from knowing the value of who you are, the value of what you can do, and the value of what you have to give. It is consistent, and it is not subject to loss of money, whatever form that might take.

© Paul Solomon Foundation 1994

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