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Spiritual Explosion into a New Age

We are among the most fortunate people who ever lived on earth, exclusive in the annals of history. We stand on the brink of a new era, experiencing the transition from one age to another. We are witnesses to a spiritual explosion into a New Age, a new birth. 

This is not the first time it has happened in history, but the times have been few. Throughout each age, evolution and history progress in a manner we consider natural. We grow and change in incremental, cumulative, modest steps. When a person or a group of people make a seemingly revolutionary discovery, initially, they may be persecuted and rejected for it. Over a long period, slowly, inch by inch, day by day, year by year, people assimilate the discovery. 

When civilization stands on the brink of a New Age, change occurs differently. It is as if evolution is superseded by Divine Law. Suddenly, people appear who contradict the slow progression of rational, deductive, Aristotelian thinking, adding fact to fact and repeating what others have said in new ways to reach a conclusion. On the brink of a New Age, a few individuals emerge who say, “I see a need and ask a question. As a result, the cosmos, a greater mind, a Divine Mind, speaks to me, and through me.” Incredible souls break away from the traditional point of view.   Civilization takes a quantum leap. 

For example, three thousand years ago, a man suddenly found himself responsible for thousands of homeless people in the middle of a desert. Without prior experience, he had to create a government, institutions, hospitals, churches, and a means of survival, almost overnight. Where did he find the knowledge? Apparently, he asked, fully believing that something greater than his own mind could provide an answer.  His name was Moses. 

Moses climbed a mountain where he experienced something that he described as a presence, and he received an answer. He heard a voice call to him, out of the mountain, saying, “Thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob, and tell the children of Israel . . .. ” (Exodus 19:3) 

The answer was extremely practical. Wash your hands with water from a clear spring before you eat. Be careful what you eat. These foods are healthy; these are not. Clean your homes and your bodies, or you will spread disease.  

Two thousand years later, a catastrophic event cost thousands of lives throughout Europe. It was called the Black Plague. The book that Moses wrote as a result of his psychic experiences provided information that could have prevented the Black Plague, had it been believed and followed. 

In addition, Moses received and recorded the information needed to set up a government, a system of laws, still in use today. The basis of American jurisprudence is a result of this psychic communication received 3,000 years ago. 

The study of information received by Moses and others in the Bible, as well as the sacred writings of other cultures and religions, is especially relevant to us today. Equally important as the content is the manner by which this information was received. 

In our time, popular belief holds that the best way to learn is to observe, compile facts, and reach conclusions by a laborious, methodical, step-by-step process. The method is called “down to earth” and “practical.”  Metaphysicians, psychics, and prophets are considered foolish to think that there is a greater mind that knows more than the conscious mind can know.   

Consider, instead, that an Intelligence formed this Universe, an Intelligence that pre-existed our intelligence and created our intelligence. It makes sense to ask that Intelligence for answers to questions rather than trying to figure them out for ourselves.  

Which then is the better means of learning, the better means for a civilization and for individuals in that civilization to grow and progress?  Is the best way to file fact upon fact and draw conclusions, based on what we already know? Or is there a better way to use the human mind?  

It is possible, in our generation, to change the world concept of education, of thinking, of intelligence. Even now, those who think in static, conventional ways are growing outmoded, old- fashioned, obsolete.   Universities that cling to exclusive patterns of the rational, Aristotelian, deductive process will find it difficult to keep up in the new era.  

New kinds of institutions are evolving that will train people to formulate a question and clear the mind completely to receive the answer.  In the new era, intuitive thinking will become widely accepted as a means to receive information and answers. Institutions that teach this intuitive process - that use the wisdom of the ancients, not as empirical data of what was, but as methods of exploration relevant to today - will assist in this spiritual explosion into a New Age. 

At the brink of a New Age, it is not uncommon to discover that man has not come as far as he could have in order to make the next age all it could be. The majority of people did not learn all they needed to learn.  However, there will be a handful of people who are considered ahead of their time. It is more true that the majority are late in their preparations for the imminent changes. Consequently, facts yet undiscovered through our slow, deductive process, suddenly, benevolently, are provided through a higher force to those who can hear, meaning those who will listen.  

Thus, on the brink of a New Age, there are always prophets, thinkers with a new approach who make discoveries in nontraditional ways.  Scriptures, written at the dawn of this age that is ending, tell us, “Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams . . ..” (Acts 2:17)  

On the brink of a New Age, the potential exists to receive information through listening to a higher force. On the brink of a New Age, each of us has the opportunity to grow in leaps and bounds, to reach the ultimate in our potential as human beings. 

How do we know we are on the brink of a New Age? Because we study astrology? Because the stars say so? A better reason is the evidence we see among us. Suddenly, the younger generation is doing something the previous generation did not do. It is customary, throughout time, for the members of the younger generation to adopt the values of their parents, and to extend those values through a natural progression. On the brink of a New Age, contrary to pattern, a generation comes along that says, “We don’t accept your values. We don’t want to do it that way. There is something better.” A young generation has come in our time that says, “Institutions don’t work.  The government doesn’t work. These systems don’t work. We know a better way.” There is a radical change, a new hunger. 

We are living in a time when we will watch old values crumble. For those who cling to old models, it may be difficult. At a time when it is appropriate to say to the world, “Congratulations. Rejoice!” people are afraid. And why not? The world seems dominated by crime, poverty, war, cataclysm, confusion, chaos. 

When man rejects old values to establish new ones, there is always trauma. Those who become caught up by the trauma of the change will be diverted by that phenomena and will fail to see what is really happening.  The alternative is to look at it in a new way.   Mother Earth is pregnant, and we are the parents.

Mother Earth is about to give birth to a New Age. When a young couple has been expectant, month after month, looking forward to the birth of a child, at last, the contractions begin, and it hurts. Yet, the couple does not become disturbed about the labor pains, saying, “Stop! Don’t let this happen. Let’s find a way to stop it.” They say, “This is a sign of a joyous event. Something wonderful is coming, and it won’t be long now.”  

Mother Earth is experiencing contractions, labor pains. The trauma that the earth is experiencing is its effort to change and to give birth to a New Age. People who get caught up in the pains of labor are going to be distracted and miss the beauty of the birth itself.  

It is possible to view these changes through another perspective.  Let your joyous expectancy bring a new life to you instead of fear, worry, and anxiety. Stop worrying about your income, your relationships, your job, your health. Those are of the horizontal plane of resistance and will not affect the soul on its total journey. Place your values on what matters, on what matters to the evolution of your soul. 

Values are changing. Beliefs are changing. Systems of education are changing. Current systems of medicine and medical treatment are becoming obsolete. It is not the changes themselves that create trauma. It is the attitudes of the individuals concerning those changes. 

Some people do not know any better than to be happy. And if ignorance is bliss, then let us all become ignorant. Let us live in bliss.  A New Age, a spiritual explosion, often comes because of what has been called “the dark night of the soul.” The dark night is a period when people find that the usual ways of getting answers and resolving issues will not work. Finding our conscious mind ineffective to help us, we become intensely frustrated and desperate. As a result of desperation, there is a breakthrough. 

Our planet has experienced a dark night of the soul. Old systems of government, of lifestyle, of preservation and expansion, no longer work.  The old era is ending. As that is occurring, we experience desperation because we cannot resolve these problems by old methods. When we become so desperate that we throw away those old methods, and listen, God is finally able to speak to us, to reach us. It is important to note that our desperation has always been unnecessary.

If we experience a dark night of the soul, whether at a personal level or a planetary level, it is imperative to first understand that dark nights serve a specific purpose. They are designed to drive us beyond our comfort boundaries, beyond our limits, into new ways of thinking, new ways of acting. By becoming desperate for answers that our thought processes cannot provide, we can break through into new kinds of thought, answers un-imagined. 

Do we really need such desperation to make that breakthrough? Can we not seek new kinds of thought without the dark night as a preliminary?  If we can learn to listen within for a more effective answer, instead of depending solely on deduction, if we can ask, and listen for the answer, then our dark night of the soul will not be necessary anymore. We will create our personal explosion into a New Age, a new kind of thought. It is time for an explosion, explosion on a personal level and also a planetary one.

We stand on the brink of a New Age. The old one is passing away before us. This is the age of change, the age of transition from what was to what will be. There exists, in this time, a window of opportunity, a momentum, for each of us to become all that we can be. Let us face this time of change with joy and expectancy, as we claim that momentum, creating within ourselves a new being. Let us look forward, with joy, to the new birth.

This excerpt was taken from the publication, "Paul Solomon, His Life and Work."

Copyright 1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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