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"Money is God in Action"
(An Excerpt from “The Wisdom of Solomon
by Paul Solomon)

. . . Where do you start if you are flat broke? The thing to do if you are flat broke is to look around at the needs in your neighborhood and start meeting a need. Start meeting any genuine need that is before you. If someone’s lawn needs mowing, do it. If someone’s house needs repair, see that it gets done. If there is a need for volunteers in your community, which there always is, get involved. Look for a way to meet the needs of others. Do not just look for a way to earn money.

Focusing on a way to make money is a mistake. Most individuals make that mistake and, as a result, receive only a portion of what is available to them.

Look for a need that you would like to meet, and then look for a way to meet it. Become involved in the lives of others. When you make yourself valuable to others, money will come to you automatically. Make yourself valuable. Make yourself valuable to someone who has a need, and you will be paid in return for your giving. The source of your payment may not be the person you helped, but someone will pay you. If you are making yourself valuable to others, money will come to you.

Once you are making yourself valuable by meeting the needs in people’s lives, ask your source, God, to meet your needs. Then, go ahead and live as if that prayer is being answered. Live your life expecting that your needs will be met, knowing that what you have asked for is coming to you.
The law of precipitation can be stated as simply as this:

“Whatsoever thing you ask in prayer, believing that you have already received it, you have.”

If you ask for something believing that it is yours, it is on its way. It is already yours. It is something that you can count on. With that sense of expectancy -- asking for it and believing that you have already received it, assuming that it already exists for you and that it is on its way -- then, get on with your life.

Get busy with the next step. Get busy with your reason for being here, and what you need will automatically come to you. Another law of money says “If you are doing something that should be done, the universe will provide the means to finance it, and you.”. . .

Paul Solomon Foundation 1994

“The Wisdom of Solomon” is a book being edited and organized by Grace de Rond.

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