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Paul Solomon
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"The Bijas"
(Channeled by Paul Solomon in preparation for the
40-days in the Wilderness Retreat, Shenandoah Valley, VA, June-July, 1977)

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Bija is a Sanskrit word meaning "seed."  The forty Bijas are seed thoughts.  Whatever is planted in the mind will bring forth fruit. If the mind is filled with thoughts of doubt, fear and negativity . . .  dis-ease will result.   If positive beliefs are held in the mind, they will outmanifest in confidence and positive results.  "As a person thinketh in his heart, so is he."   Whatever fills a person's mind will manifest in belief and experience.

How to Use the Bijas

The suggested use of the forty Bijas is to use each as a mantra for a week or more until you are affected by noticing that the thought returns to the surface of your mind and you accept it without hesitation.  Repeat the Bija 360 or more times each day for a week.  Say it over and over silently or aloud while driving, while meditating, on breaks, etc.  Fill your mind with the thought as much as possible until you are affected by it.

Be a responsible thinker!  Plant the thoughts you wish to grow and bring forth fruit quite deliberately.  Don't be a victim, be a cause.  Use these thoughts to replace weeds in your garden of consciousness.

After forty weeks, start over!  You can't raise a surplus of this crop!

Be Blissed and Prosper !!!

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The Bijas

1. My Prayers are Powerful. 2. My Creative Consciousness Changes Things. 3. What I create is. 4.  The World depends on me. 5. Reality is my creative responsibility.
6. The World is waiting for me to change it. 7. My Father has called and is waiting for me to wake up. 8. God needs my cooperation. 9. The Divine Plan is waiting for my involvement. 10. My involvement makes a difference.
11. I have abilities this World needs. 12. Love is my greatest asset. 13. Whatever I love is affected. 14. My love is a dynamic force. 15. God has a plan in completing creation, I am the tool through which it will be done.
16. If the Divine Plan works, it will be because I have helped. 17. The perfection of the Divine Plan is dependent on me. 18.  The Divine Plan will work. I have decided it. 19. God and I will build a new Heaven and a new Earth together. 20. God has asked for my ideas on how the new Heaven and the new Earth should be.
21.  I am co-creator with God. 22. I love you enough to make you more beautiful. 23. I will believe the best of those I love. 24. I will expect the highest of those I love. 25. It is natural for me and for those I love to be God-like.
26. I will find a way, today, to improve the Earth. 27. If I can make someone happier, I have made someone better. 28. I have every reason to be happy today. 29. Today is waiting for my design. 30. I will fill in the blanks of this joyous experience.
31. I need no excuse for experiencing and expressing pure joy. 32. God is, God loves, I AM. 33.  I have an important job in the Universe no one else can do. 34. Creation is waiting for me to complete it. 35. I am all right,
36. I can take full responsibility for my growth without being entertained or excited. 37. I am new,
38. What God has made me,
39. I am made perfect in Him. 40. IT IS FINISHED !

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