My Favorite Paul Solomon Source Reading on Music and its affect on the Energy Centers of the Body.

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Musical Tones and the Chakras

"Consider within the self (the response) produced through music, or the manners in which the levels of the system, the emotions, and that of the physical body are conducted by music. For it will be found that particular glands respond to particular chords - the pituitary attuned to the key of C, and the thymus attuned to E natural, the reproductive to the key of A.

"Then (study) these (chords) relating to the chakras, see that that would cause the development or the opening of the chakras in relation to a particular key, or chord, or note, or vibration, or rhythm. For it would be found that everything in this Universe is attuned to particular rhythms. And expanding beyond that concept of music, find that study as has been referred to as biorhythm or those natural rhythms of the human body.

"All these as studied and correlated one to the other would demonstrate that the entire system or Universe is attuned to music, or music in its broadest sense as rhythm. So, understanding these, you would begin to have greater respect for that rhythm in the life; rising daily at the same time, retiring nightly at a particular time, setting the periods for the meals at a particular time, and worshipping, meditating at the same given time daily.

"So, you would find that you would set in motion the body attuned to itself, the soul then attuned to the body and the mind - these working in harmony or striking a chord that would be in harmony one with the other.

"So would such a man, even one never studying those concepts of God, or that which you have thought of as spiritual growth - such a man simply becoming at harmony with himself would discover that God concept within himself and would become attuned to the procession of this Universe, and attuned to the Spirit, the Nature of God. So, then would he become God in the activity, ascending then to the Father or becoming one with that which is the operation of the Universe.

"Understand that the body vibrates according to rhythm. There is, in music, all that is needed to heal any human body, to cause these bodies to heal themselves . . . ."

Reading #7025 (4-30-73)

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation