This is a collection of Grace's Favorite Quotes from Paul Solomon . . .

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Hell is looking for Heaven while you're living in it. (Paul Solomon)

Experience life rather than interpret it. (Paul Solomon)

You can't stop what you don't know you're doing. (Paul Solomon)

Know where you're going so you don't end up somewhere else. (Paul Solomon)

The way I see a problem is the problem. If I still think the problem is outside me, I've got two problems. (Paul Solomon)

Your trying will only be a very trying experience. (Paul Solomon)

The worst thing that was ever done to Jesus was done by Christians, they worshipped him instead of emulating him. (Paul Solomon)

We all have abilities this world needs. Love is our greatest asset, and whatever we love is affected. (Paul Solomon)

You will be in harmony with any thing, situation or person, when you drop what you believe is good or bad about that thing, situation or person. (Paul Solomon)

We have every reason to be happy today. We need no excuse to experience and express pure joy. (Paul Solomon)

Look and see that all those about you are as sleeping gods, and your purpose is to cry them awake for the time that is at hand. Awaken God in the heart of every man and woman you see—not placing him there, not lighting the light. But rather, point to, bring attention to, cause consciousness of that light that is innate within each one. Cause them to awaken to themselves, and to shake off the dust of the earth, to shake off these physical bodies that are the dust of the earth, and to rejoice, crying out, and to return to the Father. These all are a portion of the same family, and in coming together, a portion of the same body. And so will that giant body of God arise, and in shaking the dust of the earth from itself, will rise up in glory, in power, in might, in light, upon this plane. So then will this plane be shaken, this earth will be changed, transmuted to a plane of light that would be as the footstool of God. (Paul Solomon)

To overcome death, you only have to die. And He did. And passing beyond the veil of death, He found Himself much more alive than He had ever been before. Leaving captivity captive. Teaching those who were bound in chains—bound to cycles of death and rebirth, loosing them—that they could go beyond, to the next step. His ministry was begun with the resurrection, and will be fulfilled with the Second Coming. We must create an atmosphere in which that can be accomplished. We must realize how alive He is in this moment. And if we would look for a man who walks in the flesh, we might become so distracted that we miss His presence which lives among us now—the life that is in us now. Let us know that He is alive. Let us know that He is risen, and that His work is continuing now. As often as we sing, as often as we smile and care for one another, His face is visible. His activity flows through us, and we express Him now, in this time. In these simple ways, in making other people happy, we express Christ. He is risen, and He lives. (Paul Solomon, Easter Sunrise, April 14, 1974)

If you are willing to wish for what you have, instead of trying to have what you wish for, then you are one of those on the threshold of awakening to responsibility for life, for being alive. And you are one of those about whom it is written that you have gathered together again the twelve parts of your body, have made of them servants to the Christ in you. (Paul Solomon)

Simply take responsibility for who you are—wherever you are, doing whatever you're doing. Admit that you're doing it because you choose to do it, because you want to produce the effect that it's producing. You must give up the pretense that the way you feel in any moment is caused by somebody else or by the conditions of your life. Admit what you're doing, while you're doing it, and be responsible for doing it on purpose. "I am who I am, doing what I'm doing.. I take full responsibility for my life." That is how real character is achieved. (Paul Solomon)

The door to the Mystery School could be opened to you—if I were the most false prophet in the world—if you were the most serious seeker in the world. (Paul Solomon)

In this place, in this moment, all is right with me and my God. I give to all people on this earth the right to be exactly as they are. I accept life exactly as it is, without wishing that it were different. I am willing to accept all, just as it is. And I am willing to be in harmony with the source of my life. For to suggest that there should be a difference in what is suggests that I am dissatisfied with, and out of sorts with, its creator, my creator. So, I accept it all just as it is. And I accept, as well, my responsibility to encourage, to uplift, to create and to recreate harmony where I see a need to do so, but without wishing things were different. (Paul Solomon)

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

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