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The Family
(Excerpt from “The Origins and Purposes
of the Holy Sacraments”
By Paul Solomon)

. . . If there is anything that every individual needs, it is the support of a family. We need family love and communication. We need the social, economical, moral and educational support a family can provide. We function best when we are active in a family.

There is one thing that I will preach till I die: Get together, people, and form a family.  Form a little family with a piece of land, living together in the Shenandoah Valley or Virginia Beach, if you want. Create a local community of family members, living and working side-by-side, supportive of one another. But more importantly, if the people in the Soviet Union and Poland  and China and North Korea and Iraq become your aunts and uncles and sisters and brothers and children, you will not kill them.

That means, get in touch with them. Write to them. Go there. Visit them. Spend time with them. Invite them here. Have them into your homes. If there is anything that has the capability of destroying this planet, it is for us to insulate our homes and lock our doors. It is for each individual to make sure that every one knows that “If you are going to visit me, be sure you call me first. Make an appointment if you want to see me.” It is for you to place a priority on order so that you separate yourselves into little cubicles and life becomes a regimented prison. It is for you to entertain the idea that you have enemies in the world, who you do not even know, so you lock yourself away inside the boundaries of your country, the limits of your city, the walls of your home. It is for you to live in fear of your fellowman. . . .

. . .The natural need to bond exists in everyone. We need to bond with family, we need to bond with community, we need to bond with humankind. We need to know that if anything is in my best interest, it is in everyone’s best interest. We need to know that we are all one on this planet.

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