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Daniel Emmanuel and Cindy Staudenmaier

Shenandoah, TX, about 35 miles north of Houston.

Daniel started with the Fellowship in September, 1972.  He worked as the business manager for the Fellowship until 1979 and conducted Paul's readings until 1974.  He is currently a business consultant, primarily with the automotive industry resulting in a lot of time spent in Detroit.  He is active working with music and the mind and publishing his electronic music, as well as maintaining the Paul Solomon Readings site.  

Cindy with her grand kids, Caysey and Andrea, and enjoys trailriding as often as possible.  She also writes articles about issues affecting people and relationships.

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Summer Time Joy!!!!

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Cindy & Rio Rojo

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Daniel As a Gnome in a past life.

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The Ladies, Max & Blue
who are now chasing bunnies in heaven!

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has graduated to kitty heaven after 16 years
of being a great kitty buddy!!!