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Richard Moore born April 5, 1947
Anne Moore-Boon born January 25, 1950
Maria Moore born October 25, 1991

We live in Santpoort-Zuid in the Netherlands.

I first took ILC from Paul in VA Beach at the Quaker Meeting House in the 70's My Dutch wife Anne, began to take classes and workshops in the David Huis in Rotterdam in the 80's. She eventually took more classes and was ordained and latter confirmed as a Fellowship Minister. Our daughter Maria (now 12 and in 6 days 13) took advanced ILC from Anneleah last summer at Spirit Haven in NC.

Anne is a Yoga teacher and student of the Kaballa. I'm busy with a massage practice and we're now partners as independent Nikken distributors, a natural progression of the development of our goals and missions in this life. Ask me more about Nikken if you like!

Love and Blessings, Richard