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Inner Light Consciousness...
Will Change Your Life

Inner Light Consciousness is a guided course in spiritual evolution. It is completely natural to communicate with one's own Source of guidance, love, and enlightenment. Within each one of us is a spark of Light and Spirit, waiting for us to receive its eternal blessing, and direct us for our personal and the collective highest good of all.

ILC offers some techniques, a beautiful space, and practic time listening to that still small voice that loves you, and wants the highest for you. Demonstrate for yourself that it works, and that you need not go to any outside source for your best personal guidance. Contained within yourself is all that is needed for the understanding of the nature of God and the Universe.

ILC does not interfere or disagree with any religion or dogma, It offers no interpretation of God. It puts you in touch with Its Power and Presence.

ILC includes learning to see ourselves as causes instead of victims, balanced relaxation, 2 meditation techniques, how to pray and manifest, the power of forgiveness, dream work, effective communication with others, healing, reading the Akashic records, and emotions management.

Thank you for visiting . . . All Be One Can All Be. . . .